Corina Curves


About Me

Busty MILF Corina Curves

Who is is Corina Curves. Well honestly that is easy to sum up *giggle* My real name is "Corina" I am just an ordinary girl ya might find living next door ;-)

I am a mother with two beautiful kids. I have a house with lots of houseplants and several animals running around or laying around *giggle*

I love candlelight and lounging at home. I am not a big TV watcher. I do try to catch the news at least once or twice a week so I am not to far behind on what's happening in the world ;-)

But I prefer other things. I like to stay active so I do go to the gym allot or take my dog for a walk. Some of my favorite activities are skiing, camping, hiking and playing in the water. Guess that is why I love it here in Oregon. I am not to far from the mountains and I am not to far from the forests or oceans.

I started my career in Dancing in 1992. I finally found my other wild side *giggle* I love to dance and perform on stage. If you are ever in town shoot me an e-mail and I will let you know if I am working or not. If I am not on the scheduled, I might be able to schedule a day that you are here.

Busty MILF Corina Curves

Dicky and I met at a dance club where I was working. He had came in for a few drinks. I was very attracted to him right off. We chatted for a while. My shift had ended and it was time for me to go home. I wrote my number on a piece of paper and handed it to him as I walked out the door. I told him. If you don't have a girl, give me a call. I was really only after one thing.........that was to get laid LOL.

So a day later he called. He came over we watched a couple movies and I had my way with him. Mmmmmm and was it awesome. Well he has been here ever since LOL We met in 1998 and we are still together ;-)

We are mild swingers and love to play. Hmmmm maybe that is why he loves me so much LOL. We play with a few other couples we know and will never turn down a hot single female LOL I love my threesomes and playing all night ;-).

I think the biggest turn on for me when I am having sex is to be able to see every thing. Forget turning out the lights. Hell I wanna see that nice hard cock or sweet pussy in my face and it also turns me on to watch my partners expression ;-). I love to please....................

Kisses Corina XOXO

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